Olga+Konrad Chair Affair Engagement Session – High Park, Toronto

The way to her heart is…chairs?

What a fun e-session with Olga+Konrad.  We decided on High Park in Toronto for their shoot to take advantage of the absolutely stunning cherry blossoms that bloom there every year.  We quickly realized though, that we missed the bloom by a couple of days when we did the site inspection just the day before and found all the petals on the ground:(

BUT, nonetheless we had a great time and Olga’s passion for chairs came in quite handy too so she brought some along.  She loves chairs and you will find many in their home.  These two in particular were both crafted by Olga+Konrad – a work of art I’d like to think!  So instead of cherry blossoms we “dressed” up high park with their two chairs, accented of course by the gorgeous couple.

We absolutely are thrilled with how their photos turned out! When speaking with the couple at our consultation, Olga’s vision was clear. She wanted an artistic, vintage style e-session and I hope we delivered….and we did manage to find one cherry blossom tree that still had its flowers in tact.  So we took advantage of the opportunity.

We love the turnout so much that instead of sharing our regular blog of some of our favourites, instead we have decided to post their music slideshow (which we include in our packages for free!).

I hope you enjoy this as much as us!

Love and Peace!


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