Magy’s back!

Hi everyone! It’s Magy here and I am back and soooooo excited!!!

Some of you may be confused by this since I am the second “M” in M+M Photography (Martin+Magy) and may not have noticed that I ever left. But I did (sob sob).

I took quite the hiatus (much longer than planned) and was busy having one baby and then decided to spice things up with another babe 2 years later because I wasn’t already sleep deprived, overtired with a perma granny bun as my daily ‘do.  I blame the wine really for the decision to go for #2. But now 5 years later I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Although life is hectic, busy, loud (REALLY loud) and sometimes feels like the day never ends, my two kids are pretty awesome!  And without them, I would never have mastered such impeccable organizational skills and the ability to multi-task a hundred things at once.  Oh and let’s not forget learning to shower in under 3 minutes while your kids watch an episode of  “Hey Duggee”.

While I was a baby making machine I also had a full-time job at a sales and merchandising company.  It is a great company (shout out to Mosaic Sales Solutions!), but it just wasn’t my passion and wasn’t serving me anymore in the direction and style of life I wanted to live.

And that brings me to the point of this post.

I’m back and am fully immersed in all things M+M!

My focus will be on all the things that keep this big wheel turning which any business owner will tell you includes wearing many different hats.

No official title yet (still working on it) but that will eventually come.

First and foremost, I will be here to make sure that every wedding, event or corporate shoot goes off without a hitch.

I will ensure to challenge myself and Martin to push the limits, break the rules and create pieces of art that capture the essence of who you are, the emotion of the moment and leave you with jaw-dropping photos that will last a lifetime.  Because ultimately that is why we do this right? We want you to LOVE your photos!

Other things that will keep me busy will be:

Social Media Management – You’ll be seeing a lot more posts on @mandmphotos

Marketing and Advertising – I’ve got some great ideas and can’t wait to bring them to life!

Album Design – I’ll be lightening the load for Martin.  I’m so excited about this one!

Blogging – I used to be the blogger pre-kids and can’t wait to get back to it!  And it’ll help keep our website up to date 🙂

Giving Back – this is a biggie for me and my goal is to partner with local charities and give back in any way M+M can. It might not happen overnight but I’ll be working towards that this year.

So there you have it. My update on where I’ve been the last 5 years and where I’m going!

I fully embrace this new role and I hope you embrace me too.

Love and peace and go live your dreams!


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