Krista + Derek | Bellvue Manor Wedding | Vaughan

Krista + Derek are the ultimate examples of balance.  Krista is the Ying to Derek’s Yang.  They compliment each other so well and each brings such wonderful qualities to their relationship.  Krista is a free spirit and Derek is the organized planner. In my opinion, this is the ideal mix for a perfect union, and one with some amazing adventures to come I’m sure.

Their wedding day was an absolute pleasure to document and it came with some firsts for me too.  One tradition that I was introduced to was “Wedding Door Games“.  In Chinese communities, especially China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, wedding door games are challenges set up by the bridesmaids for the groom as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom’s love for the bride.  These games typically take place in the morning of the wedding at the bride’s family home, before the groom is allowed to receive the bride in the bride’s room.  The groom typically receives the help of his groomsmen in completing the tasks.

For Derek, he had quite the tasks to complete including push-ups and even a human pyramid!  The gentlemen did very well and Derek proved his love for Krista. Needless to say it was loads of fun to photograph and the girls had a blast watching the guys accomplish each task.

After Derek’s victorious win of Krista’s heart, the traditional church ceremony was followed by a photo session at the Aga Khan Museum which was directly followed by their reception at the Bellvue Manor in Vaughan.

The fun continued throughout the night and laughs carried the night through to the end.

Here are some of my favourites from the special day.

Congratulations Krista + Derek!


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