10 Unique Proposal Ideas She’ll Love (We Promise)

First of all, congratulations on finding the one! There are few days in life more exciting than the day you propose. That’s why she has probably been dreaming about this moment since you fell in love, or even since she was a child. No pressure, right?!

Really though, there’s no reason to be nervous. You’ve got this. You know she loves you! No matter what you say, she will be ecstatic to hear those four words. And you’ll be ready to hear that one big word…“Yes!”

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Now, if you’d prefer to handle all of the details, and are seeking some inspiration for how to make your proposal even more perfect, check out these 10 Creative Proposal Ideas.

1. On a Ski Trip:
Do you two enjoy skiing or snowboarding? While you’re spending a day at the slopes you can find a peaceful (and scenic) moment together on the chairlift. What better place to propose than soaring above the mountain just the two of you taking in the sights? By the time you get off the lift, you can ski down the mountain as a newly engaged couple and celebrate with champagne at the ski lodge. Or, consider asking her to marry you at the top of the hill, so there’s less of a time limit. Tell her to stop for a minute because your ski has come loose. As you bend on one knee to “fix” the straps, pull out a ring instead!

Not into skiing, but love animals? You could take her on a sleigh ride or even a dog sled ride through the snow! Plus, imagine the photos you could
capture with those handsome huskies.

2. Holiday with the Kids:
Do the two of you have children? There’s nothing that will warm her heart quite like including the other loves of her life! Involve the children in the proposal to make it a family affair you’ll all share. If they’re young, make their task as easy as possible.

For example, have the kids waiting by the Christmas tree with balloons and signs (maybe chalkboard signs for that extra cute factor). They can read: “John/Dad has something special to ask you” or “Forget Cinderella, THIS is my favourite love story!”

If you don’t have kids, involving family members on Christmas morning will make it extra special for everyone. Simply save the best present for last under the tree, and wrap it in a deceptively large box.

3. Skating Rink:
Holding hands on a skating rink as the snow falls will be a moment worthy of a holiday movie. Go to the rink for date night later in the evening when it’s less busy. Have a photographer hiding among the other skaters to capture the proposal. You could bend down to “tighten her laces,” then instead ask her to marry you. Not confident in your skating skills? Don’t worry about kneeling! (Ps. You could also request a specific song that means something to her be played over the sound system to cue the moment).

4. First Date Spot/Meaningful Spot:
Another proposal that is bound to impress is one at the site of your first date, or most meaningful memory. Proposals that involve something personal to the two of you are especially perfect. Maybe rent out the restaurant where you had your first date, so when you enter she sees it is totally empty except for plenty of candles! Then lead her to the table you first dined at together, where you have it all set for the two of you. Tell her all the reasons you’re so glad you had that first meal together…

5. Unique Tree Decoration:
The two of you could go for a walk in a winters wonderland- wait, unrealistic? It doesn’t have to be! In a local park or forest, decorate a tree with hanging lights (battery powered or candles inside mason jars would do the trick), until it looks spectacular. Walk with her to this tree, where you could also spell out “marry me” in candles beneath it, get down on one knee under the lights. She’ll be so surprised and, bonus, the photos will be absolutely amazing.

6. A Place That’s Important to Her:
Did she ever tell you about her favourite childhood memory? Take her to the spot where she told you her parents took her as a child: her family ski chalet, a movie theatre in her hometown, etc. Then have it all decorated with whatever you want: candles, photos, or holiday lights. Proposing to her at a place that really made her who she is will show how much you paid attention, and how much you love her.

Is she a bookworm with a favourite novel? If you know her interests, a proposal that includes those interests will also show how much you care. For example, if she’s an avid reader, bring her to a charming used bookstore. Hide the note “Jen, will you marry me?” on the cover of her favourite novel. Then, pretend to have stumbled upon the book and ask her to pull it off the shelf because you hear that addition has some very unique cover art…

7. Custom Holiday Concert:
Tell her a friend of yours is performing a “holiday concert” you want to go to together. Find a bar that has a stage in it and make plans with the owner. When you get there have a table reserved at the front. Invite her friends and your families. If you’re a performer, get up on stage and perform a song about her.

Or, hire a singer to perform a song you helped write about the two of you. It could even be to the tune of her favourite holiday song. Then the singer can call you both on stage where you can propose in front of all your loved ones! (Tip: Consider having a slide show of special photos in the background, projected on a screen or the wall, as your song begins.)

8. Christmas Eve:
While Christmas Day can be quite hectic, Christmas Eve somehow feels serene and full of expectation. You could make it a night to remember by decorating with hundreds of lights or candles. Then have a romantic dinner together by the tree, while reminiscing about some of your favourite moments together. Then, ask her to open one gift before morning comes- the ring. It will be the eve before more than one thing: Christmas, and your new life together.

9. Weekend Away:
You can whisk your partner away for a romantic weekend at a charming historic inn (maybe as a present for Christmas). Sign up for romantic activities leading up to your final night there; the proposal night. Go on the wine tour, get a couples massage, and soak in the hot tub. Then, on the last night of your trip, take her to a beautiful candlelit dinner at the best table in the hotel restaurant. There, you can propose in a classic setting after a weekend you’ll never forget!

10. Toboggan Picnic:
Go night tobogganing, so it’s just the two of you, followed by a cozy picnic on the top of the hill. The tobogganing will warm you up, and then you can pour her some wine, or some hot chocolate out of a thermos. Bringing a blanket and some candles will also make it even more charming. Propose to her at the top of the hill after having some childlike winter fun together.

Finally, you might be wondering: What about those tried and true proposal ideas she’s seen in romantic movies?  Putting the ring in her cake? Let’s not, she could chip a tooth or choke. Not exactly a winning idea.

Proposing at a game on the Jumbotron? If you’re sports fans and she’s not shy, then why not? It could be a slam dunk.

After you’ve decided what you’re going to do, relax and get pumped for this incredible day. The two of you will remember this moment forever AND look back on how well you pulled it all together for her 😉
Hiring a photographer to capture your moment is another great idea: that way you’ll have keepsake photos you’ll both love looking at in the years to come.

One last thing: Remember to enjoy it!

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