Valentine’s Boudoir Sessions | M+M Photography Studios

Now that we have our very own studio I knew that I wanted to do something that will empower women and make them feel absolutely gorgeous. Being a woman myself, I know the pressures we feel to look perfect just like we see on every cover of a magazine. News flash: that’s not real! It takes hours of prep with a whole hair + makeup crew, perfect lighting and a shitload of photoshop. Yup, it’s true.

So, I wanted to pamper the every day woman, wife, mother, boss babe from all walks of life with an intimate boudoir session. j. I spent 4+ hours with each client, had an incredible hair + make up artist and had my set up all ready to go. What came out of it was not just stunning imagery, but a space where we shared, cried and celebrated our badass selves.

As women we are way too hard on ourselves and each other. We need to embrace our differences and remember that we don’t come in what shape and size. We are all beautiful and it clearly shows in these photos.

I’m happy that two of my clients allowed me to post photos from their session so I can share them here with you. Of course, when it comes to personal shoots like these, I always ask permission to post photos because it is such a personal thing.

I will absolutely be doing more boudoir sessions and I hope that in the process we will empower each other and celebrate the goddesses that we truly are!

Hair + Makeup: Paulina Stanek

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