Tasha + Dustin… + little Jayden Engagement and Family Session – McLeans Auto Yard, Rockwood

I’m so excited to share this slideshow with you of my favourite photos from this session.  Tasha + Dustin are a great couple and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed photographing their engagement session.  Perhaps it was special to me because of their little Jayden.  I too have a daughter now, she’s 11 months and growing fast!  So I’m guessing that’s what made this shoot a little personal for me.  I really wanted to ensure they were happy with the shoot.

It wasn’t just an e-session, it was also a mini family shoot.  I’m glad they wanted to capture these moments because in a way it’s solidifying their family coming together as one, all three of them.  How special to have their daughter be a part of it of such a huge milestone! I just loved the idea!

I have to be honest though, when they first told me that they wanted to do the session at an auto yard I was taken back…but only for a second, and then simply said “cool!”.  And I just can’t believe how a place like this turned out to be the perfect backdrop for this family.  It just suited them so well and they brought it to life!

I truly wish Tasha + Dustin + little Jayden all the very best.  This was awesome!

Enjoy  😀

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