As a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, I’ve had the privilege of serving couples, families, and businesses in Ontario for over a decade. During this time, I’ve photographed over 500 weddings and hundreds, if not thousands, of other life events. I’ve also been lucky enough to connect with clients around the world--bonus points if that includes a warm and sunny destination!


I’ve always been inspired by movies and classic Hollywood glamour. History’s most breathtaking cinematography shots are born when colour, light, movement and emotion unite to leave us bewildered by their sheer beauty. When my dad put my first-ever camera in my hands at the age of 14, I tried to recreate this sense of grandeur using my own friends and family members as unwilling subjects. They eventually became more willing participants as my photography skills grew undeniably stronger. That’s what I strive for as a photographer--storytelling with cinematic style. With a unique blend of intimacy and drama, my goal is to document your moment and reveal a story with soul.


I love figuring out what makes someone naturally shine because that’s the key to looking and feeling beautiful in front of the camera. Working with couples who believe in the power of imagery inspires me to push the envelope to create jaw-dropping images and powerful visual storytelling that will move you for years to come.


My wife Magy wears many hats. She is the one that keeps this big wheel turning. From social media and marketing management, to sourcing out the latest and greatest print products, to keeping this whole place organized, is what she does every day. You may see her behind the lens from time to time, providing lifestyle photography or lovely portrait style photos of you and your children and loved ones--even the furry four legged ones!


She’s a self-professed animal lover and has travelled as far as South Africa to see some of the most majestic creatures, including the big 5. Magy is moved by raw emotion and small moments. Natural light is her best friend, however moody and dramatic images with an editorial flare greatly inspire her as well.


She's our Print Maker. Her unmatched creativity will transform your images into works of art, rendering them even more breathtaking through innovative album design concepts and prints. Whether it's a single portrait print or a 100-page album, she’ll ensure that the final product is something that will feel equally at home in an art gallery and in your living room.