Eden’s First Birthday!

Wow, a whole year.  Wow!  We made it!!! Woohoo!!!!

Well, this is probably one of our first blogs about our daughter Eden.  We can’t believe that it’s just now that we are introducing her to you!  But as any parent will tell you, once the baby is here, days fly by, and time for any personal things (let’s not forget bathroom breaks) is non existent…especially in the first year.  What the baby wants, the baby gets…and yes they win every time.  I recently read somewhere (probably one of the many mommy websites I frequent from time to time) that “A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house”. HOW TRUE!  But we do everything for these little buggers with pleasure:)  Of course a nice glass of wine always helps…sometimes…maybe once a week…ok twice a week…or three…

Martin and I are just in total disarray.  We don’t know where this year has gone and when this tiny 7lb baby became this funny, sweet, stubborn, determined little girl.  She was a go getter right from the start, knowing what she wants.  She entered the world in under 5 hours (thank God!), she wanted to see and touch everything (no chilling out in the swing or bouncer for this girl!), she started crawling and decided that it sucks and started walking the next day.  Her 8th month was spent by my side holding her hands teaching her how to walk and before I knew it she was taking her first steps before my very eyes.

All the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding pains and challenges, cries and constant need for everything that is  YOU was worth it.  Eden is just amazing and surprises us every day with something new.

Happy birthday Eden! Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces.

P.S.  We hear it gets easier now.  We choose to believe that wholeheartedly and refuse to think otherwise so shush!

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