Leo Turns 1!

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year. This time last year we just met Leo for the first time. And today he is ONE!

Before he was here, we often wondered what he will be like. My wife especially wondered if she can find more room in her heart to love another child as much as she loves Eden. She just couldn’t imagine being able to love so much all over again, for another human being.

Well, it’s possible. We are in love with Leo just as much as we are with Eden. It’s incredible how different they are from each other, with their own unique personalities.

We are proud of Leo’s milestones and can’t wait to see what little boy he will grow into. Although, we can already see he will be a little trouble maker getting himself into places that are a BIG NO NO.

So, today, I’m dedicating this blog to my little boy Leo, on his FIRST birthday.

Happy birthday sweet boy. We love you so much and wish you endless health, happiness and love. May all of your dreams come true. May you overcome all of your struggles. Because there will be struggles, trust me on that one.

May you be kind to others, even your sister who’s kicking your butt right now. She’ll be your best friend eventually. Actually, she already is but doesn’t know it yet.
May you feel love and experience love for others.
May you always smile like you do today.
May you always know how much you are loved.

Happy birthday little guy,

Dad, Mom, Eden and Bella

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