Harley’s Walk In The Park | Spencer Smith Park | Burlington| ON |

As many of you know, I am a huge animal lover so when I get calls for sessions for a pet, I jump at the opportunity not only to photograph, but to cuddle and play with these fur babies!

Harley was no exception. I made sure I got my cuddles in and I loved every minute of it. At the time of this shoot, poor Harley was waiting for results from his biopsy. His owner Peggy feared the worst because Harley has already fought Cancer once before. But this time, it was good news! Days after the shoot, the doctor’s confirmed that Harley is fine!

I’m so honoured to have been able to take these photos of Harley and Peggy. Harley loves Spencer Smith Park so the shoot captured his favourite spots and Harley doing what he enjoys most, taking in the fresh air, warm sun with Peggy by his side.

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