Four Legged Friends

Welcome to my warm and happy place – a blog dedicated to our four legged canine friends.

Here you will see some of my dog photography of all shapes and sizes.

I love Dogs. I love their simplicity, raw honesty and complete non-judgment. And of course I cannot get enough of their different personalities and quirky habits. So to be able to combine my passion of photography and my love of these cute furballs is just icing on the cake.

This is also the place you will meet our very special family member, Bella.

My life was always surrounded by dogs, so when our family dog passed away, it got uncomfortably quiet. Sure, living without the constant dog hair everywhere was nice, but it didn’t compare to the wagging tail and big brown eyes that would greet you everyday you came home from work.

So, 4 and a half years ago, after Martin and I got married, we decided it was time to expand the family. The rest as they say is history and here we are almost 5 years later with a very energetic black Labrador Retriever who we are convinced can eat anything and everything regardless of taste.

She is definitely what inspires me and she’s also the one who brings me back down to earth every single day as I open my eyes to the sound of her otter-like tail hitting the dresser by the bed.

You’ll be seeing a lot of her on this blog, so we look forward to having you meet our cuddly, furry bundle of joy.

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