Preeya + Simon Tie The Knot

What a lovely couple and wedding.  This was my first wedding shooting solo without my wife.  As some of you may know we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl this past November.  Her name is Eden.  So for the time being, Magy is taking some time off to be with the little one.  I was nervous shooting without my favourite partner, but the couple was really easy going and truly were in the moment.   I just wanted to share this amazing note that I received from them:


I do not know what to say exactly, to explain how truly amazed, taken back, blown away and just truly touched both Preeya and I were after reviewing the video and the pictures.

You truly have an amazing gift.  You were able to capture the essence of the ceremony and evening and all the emotion surrounding it. Both Preeya and I must have watched the highlights video over a dozen times each and each time we tear as it brings back the emotion and joy we felt on that day !

We’ve shared the video with family and friends and they all agree, Absolutely stunning !!!

I don’t know if I’ve said enough to explain how truly pleased we are but would welcome the opportunity to say more, in a review page or website or anything that could help highlight your talents and gifts.

Many photographers take a picture …the truly great ones capture emotion!! That’s what I saw in your pictures when I chose to go with you and I’m happy to say , it was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

So in case you haven’t noticed, Preeya and I thank you from the bottom of hearts for capturing the emotions of one of the greatest days in our lives.

Simon & Preeya”

I wish them all the happiness in the world!  Here are some photos from their special day.

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